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Female Domination with Miss Erica Kent: Vintage Volume I

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By: Miss Erica Kent



Famed Dominatrix Miss Erica Kent is delighted to invite you into Her world to enjoy erotic female domination as She brings the first of Her Vintage Series of e-books and audio books to a new and more sophisticated audience.

Prior to fetish websites, web cams and on-line chats, Miss Erica brought sensual domination to a world-wide audience. Her exclusive mid-west dungeon was one of the first nation-wide, to offer a Cross Dressing Academy and hundreds of clients discovered their “femme side” as their stilettos crossed Miss Erica’s threshold to the panty basket and the make-up table.

Many a naughty boy found his bottom sandwiched between “Auntie” Erica’s lap and the hard side of Her paddle. Unruly slave boys and deserving submissives surrendered to please and often found themselves hooded and bound in intricate bondage to any number of devices by chains, ropes and cuffs. Once restrained, they were subject to Miss Erica’s wonderful assortment of toys designed to tread delicately that fine line between pleasure—and pain.

One of Her services was to offer personal custom-recorded cassette tapes. These arousing dialogues covered a wide array of fetishes and no doubt scores of obedient males found a blissful release at the sound of Miss Erica’s sensual and commanding voice.

Now for the first time, in Her Vintage Series, this legendary Dominatrix is bringing back these teasing dialogues in new formats for your reading and listening pleasures. The original cassette tapes have been transcribed for e-books and re-recorded and re-mastered as audio books.

The first of this series is now available as Female Domination with Miss Erica Kent: Vintage Volume I. This first work contains three dialogues and an excerpt from the soon to be released, Vintage Volume II. In Mistress Savage and slave Tommy, a new slave is introduced to the basics of proper slave etiquette and training. Milking Mistresses finds an unlucky slave about to be put in bondage and milked; used and abused by a bevy of beautiful Mistresses. Mistress Savage and slave Roxanne forces this unlucky slave to be bound, spanked and forced to masturbate. And, in the teaser excerpt, Jennifer’s School Discipline, disobedient schoolboy “Jennifer” endures a much deserved pink panty punishment and spanking.

The e-book version of Female Domination with Miss Erica Kent: Vintage Volume I also contains never released pictures of Miss Erica and some of Her slaves. The audio book of Vintage Volume I (ISBN 978-1-935757-28-3) delivers these sensuous and teasing dialogues direct from the lips of Miss Erica, Herself.

About the Author:

Miss Erica Kent, affectionately known to many as “Miss Erica” has been providing alternative lifestyle experiences for well over two decades. In 1989, Miss Erica, a naturally true Dominant Female, made the decision to exit the restrictive business world and embark on a more suitable and personally satisfying career path. She began practicing professional female domination in a private club in Ohio. In 1990, Miss Erica left the club and began seeing clients in Her own upscale, well equipped studio. Miss Erica still accepts new client requests and all visits are by appointment only.

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