For Your Love

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By: Candy Caine



Struggling through an unhappy relationship, Carla Millhouse decides on a makeover—of herself and her life. She joins a gym to lose weight, buys a sexy wardrobe and changes her hair. But even though she is focused on trying to save her relationship, she finds herself gradually becoming intrigued by her hunky, green-eyed gym buddy, Richard. Especially when she starts having torrid, sexy dreams about him.

Trying to put a devastating broken engagement behind him, high powered attorney, Richard Klein, is definitely not in the market for a relationship. Then he begins having hot fantasies about his dusky, voluptuous friend, Carla–but she belongs to someone else. And in Richard’s book, it’s against the rules to poach. But after one explosive, passionate evening together, he sets out to change the rules…

Praise for Candy Caine and For Your Love

“What would you do and how far would you go for love? With great wit, twists and turns, a cast of well-crafted characters you’ll want to cheer for, (and some you won’t), Candy Caine’s delightful story asks and answers this age-old question.”
—Niambi Brown Davis, Author of Sanctuary

“A sexy, fabulous read. I couldn’t put it down. I was disappointed that the book ended when it did. I could have read on.”
—Bertrice Small, Best-selling author of Skye O’Malley

About the Author
Whether she’s writing a short story or novel, Candy Caine will make her interracial romances hot and spicy. Always striving to entertain her readers, Candy tries to breathe life into her characters, making life often interesting for her husband, Robert back in their home on Long Island, NY. And both are trying to teach their fifteen-year old yellow Lab, Sammy, new tricks.

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Chapter Four

A week after meeting Lynne at the restaurant and declaring war on her fat, Carla forced open one eye and then the other. Today was going to either be the best or worst on Read More

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