Heated Pleasures

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By: Candy Caine



A collection of erotic interracial stories by Candy Caine

Candy Caine heats up the pages with this collection of some of her hottest interracial stories…including the never before published, Dare to Love.

Dare to Love
When Sarah first saw Ryan in the library where she worked she was mesmerized by his blue-grey eyes. She soon dubbed the stranger, Mr. Handsome. Then Mr. Handsome asked out the reserved librarian, and she soon blossomed under their passionate lovemaking. But Sarah’s fairytale romance crashed when she discovered that the man she loved hid a secret that could break her heart.

Dangerous Attraction
Kayla had everything as the lover of wealthy entrepreneur, Deacon Masters. But as Deacon’s business took him away more and more, she was constantly thrown together with his enigmatic assistant, Morgan. And soon it was this forbidden fruit’s toned, chocolate body and large, hot hands she craved.

I Was In Love With My Sister’s Husband
Wayne was everything Rochelle could ever want in a man—handsome, kind and a terrific father to his baby boy. But no matter how the air sizzled between them, she couldn’t forget he was married to her sister. Then after a torrid night, Wayne confessed his secret love for her…and all bets were off!

Jeremy loved his wife, Carrie, but he couldn’t resist Margo and her erotic sex games. Margo took him to sensual heights he’d never experienced at home. But while ”the cat’s away, the mice will play”, and little did Jeremy know that Carrie filled her nights with games of her own…

Devil or Angel
Sometimes angels of mercy in white nurse’s uniforms turn into devils in black latex corsets. And a man, who goes along for the ride, may find that out-of-this-world sex comes at a price!

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