Hitler’s Will

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By: Greg Causey Artist: N/A



1945, Berlin: In the last days of the war SS Major Jürgen Strasser is summoned to the Führerbunker for one last, desperate mission. Present Day: Antiques dealer, and ex IRA assassin, Patrick Deveraux is caught up in a race to find the answers to a decades-old puzzle. As the body count rises in Berlin, the Obersalzburg, Rothenburg and Hamburg, Patrick enlists the help of a Hamburg Dominatrix and a North Sea fishing boat skipper to find the truth. Their search takes them from the seedy sex clubs of Hamburg’s Reeperbahn to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest in Bavaria. Who will live, who will die, and who will survive an interrogation in Mistress Hannelore’s dungeon?

About the Author:
Greg Causey is an author and musician. He lived in Europe and visited many of the places in Hitler’s Will. His other books include Dancing With Natasha and Denizens of the Desert.

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