Love with a Younger Man

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By: Candy Caine



Amber Martin ran from a painful past and into a successful career as a real estate agent. When she closes the most lucrative sale of her career, she invites her boyfriend, Geoffrey Cole, to a celebratory dinner. Egotistical, self-absorbed Geoffrey ruins the dinner to take care of business, causing Amber to take a hard look at their relationship. Realizing she will always take a backseat to his wheeling and dealing, an angry and hurt Amber goes clubbing with the goal of getting laid. She hooks up with Richard Harrington, a handsome, blue-eyed hunk of masculinity ten years her junior. Though she\’s as attracted to him as he seems to be with her, she decides to break it off before the novelty wears off for him and their age difference or race becomes a factor. Determined, Richard persuades her to see him again and just when things seem to be falling into place for Amber, she discovers you can’t truly escape your past.

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