A Role to Die For: Episode 5 of The Life and Loves of Ariel Jones

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By: Candy Caine



Ariel Jones: Sassy. Sexy. Swirling. A long-legged, sophisticated black woman who knows what she wants and goes for it. She is sexually adventurous and indulges her libido with whomever and wherever she likes. Okay. So sometimes this gets her into real trouble. Ariel just chalks it up to experience and moves on down the road to the next adventure.

The only adventure she avoids like cheap shoes is falling in love. Too much trouble. Too much heartache. But when she meets her match, she’s got to reassess. Because he’s to die for and he’s got his own agenda…

Episode 5—A Role to Die For

New York City cop, Ray Meyers, always told Ariel that her curiosity combined with her adventurous spirit would get her into serious trouble one day. Too bad she doesn’t remember that when she opens someone else’s package and starts watching a frightening porn video that is not meant for her eyes. All alone in her friend’s isolated house, and unable to contact Ray, Ariel soon realizes that her simple house-sitting favor is turning deadly…

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