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The Laird’s Woman (Romance Graphic Novel)

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By: Cynthia White Artist: Sharp Brothers Studio



Somewhere in Jamaica lives a woman who stands between Cochlan Stuart, billionaire laird, and his dream of building an exclusive resort on his ancestral Scottish estate. Cochlan travels to the tropical island with every intention of persuading her to remove herself as an obstacle. All his life he\’s overcome obstacles easily, ruthlessly. This would be no different. But when he meets the strong-willed beauty, swords clash and he learns how very wrong he is. And that love and desire can bring even the strongest man to heel.

This version combines Parts 1 and 2 of The Laird’s Woman.

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Augusta's blazing hazel eyes hold steady against Cochlan Stuart's glinting green ones. The air crackles with anger…and something else. Nonplussed, Augusta feels heat rising to her cheek Read More

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