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Winter Roses (Romance Graphic Novel)

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By: April Harbringer Artist: Ronn Sutton



Half a century ago, Mary Jackson was living and working in London during World War II. As bombs pounded the city, destroying everything in their path, men and women were afraid to make promises they couldn’t keep. People lived only in the moment, because the future was so uncertain. But not so Mary and her dashing American pilot. They made vows, hoping for a future together. Mary could never have foreseen the bizarre twist of events that would change her life irrevocably. And, now 50 years later, that past has returned to haunt her.

This romance graphic novel is written by April Harbinger and illustrated by Ronn Sutton. The PDF version of this story is formatted in full color using the original 12.5×7.5 inch images and is best viewed on a computer.

April Harbinger is the pen name of Gail Hamilton. Visit MyRomanceStory’s Gail Hamilton Author’s Page for the latest news, reviews and to find more of her books.


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