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B-52 Nose Art

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By: Greg Causey



Danny Causey parked his vehicle at the end of a row of B-52s, put on his sunglasses and pulled on his cap to shield his eyes from the relentless Arizona sun. He walked down endless rows of aircraft, the only sounds the gravel and scrub crunching under his work boots, maybe the scurry of a rabbit, the creaking of massive elevators and rudders in the hot desert wind and the occasional roar of a jet from nearby Davis Monthan Air Force Base. These are the acts of someone who loves aircraft, who has that special affinity for the hardware, and the men who flew them. For most of the aircraft, this was their last landing, the last stop in storied histories. They would be cannibalized for spare parts, or cut up and reclaimed for their metals. A special few might find refuge in museums or displays. And one lone man would walk their ranks, photograph them and bid them a last goodbye. That’s how this book came to be. These are the B-52 nose art photographs of Danny Causey. B-52 Nose Art contains over sixty photographs of B-52 aircraft as they made their last journey.

Also available is Denizens of the Desert (ISBN: 978-1-934446-15-7), a full-color print book containing these photographs and more, including KC-135, A-10, F-111 and other aircraft.

Pictures: 60+

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Greg Causey is retired from a federal service career and now enjoys life as an author, publisher, guitar player, drummer and would-be ballroom dancer. Greg is an Air Force veteran, serving in the 9 Read More

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