Effective Selling and Sales Management

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By: Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D



EFFECTIVE SELLING AND SALES MANAGMENT is designed for anyone with a product or service to sell, from entrepreneurs and small business people to managers of corporate sales groups. The first chapters feature effective sales techniques; then the book deals with how to recruit salespeople and build a powerful sales team. The chapters cover these topics:

— Creating sales materials
— Getting started
— Selling techniques
— Finding Leads
— Using the telephone effectively
— Effective presentations
— Recruiting others to sell for you
— Recruiting a sales manager
— Recruiting your own sales team
— Interviewing sales people
— Orienting new sales people
— Organizing new sales people
— Setting up a training program
— Coordinating sales activities
— Keeping your sales group motivated
— Providing extra assistance and support
— Training sales people to train others

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Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., J.D. is an internationally known writer, consultant, speaker, and workshop leader, who has published over 50 books with major publishers dealing with social trends, lifest Read More

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