Doin’ It Harm’s Way: Men of Passion Book 2

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By: Bobbi Cole Meyer



McKay McLemore is the best there is at her job—finding people who don’t want to be found. But when the super-sexy, Harley Davidson rider, Harm Pranston, pays top dollar for her to locate a woman and her teenaged son she becomes suspicious. What are his motives? Is he stalking the woman who is running scared? Yet despite her trepidation, and against her will, McKay aches to feel Harm’s tough-as-nails body against hers.

Harm has his reservations about hiring the sharp-tongued McLemore to locate a woman he hasn’t seen in 16 years. First off, the red-headed investigator treats him like a suspected criminal, and secondly he has to fight his urge to lose himself in her. Just recovering from a gut-wrenching break up, the last thing Harm needs is a dragon-tattooed Amazon who makes him want to drag her off to a cave somewhere…

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After shaving and showering Harm headed downstairs. He’d been assured the P.I. he’d hired, Mac McLemore, was a stickler for being on time, so Harm was seated at the lounge bar and waiting for h Read More

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