Obsessive Surrender

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By: Bobbi Cole Meyer



Inscrutable billionaire, Ivan Littlefield, is reported to be a sexually insatiable, uncompromising, manipulative playboy who discards lovers who are unwilling to share his explorations into the darker side of eroticism. No one knows that behind the arrogant, stoic façade there is a lonely, emotionally scarred man haunted by his past and driven by an obsessive, secret quest.

Then Ivan meets a naïve waif of a girl, Andrea Parker, and he sees the chance to fulfill his obsessive quest. He vows to have her; to mold her. But although he also vows to maintain control at all times, Ivan is blindsided by feelings he doesn’t want to acknowledge, but can’t deny—and he must face the reality that this obsession could lead to his surrender.

“For those readers longing for the next novel in the tradition of Fifty Shades of Grey,
 Bobbi Cole Meyer will surely delight!”

— Candy Caine, bestselling author of Forever Yours

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